Greek Alphabet Songs

Music can help us memorize material like the order of letters in an alphabet.  It is also fun.  I have collected links to a number of alphabet song videos and categorized them according to their pronunciation systems.  Hopefully these groupings will help you find songs in system that you are trying to learn.  I attempted to find the best examples that are available on the web.  I also tried to maximize the number of different tunes people are using.  Please let me know if you find better examples or if new ones become available.  I would like to see more Koine and Erasmian examples.

Note that many of the examples claim to be koine but the truth comes out with how Xi is pronounced.

Biblical Period (Helenistic) Pronunciation System – Also called Koine

If you use this pronunciation system please consider recording an alphabet song.  There are many melodies provided in other categories.

Erasmian System

Modern and Byzantine Systems

Non-Greek Pronunciation Systems

These systems are used by foreigners who have no desire to learn to read or speak Greek.  They merely want to refer to Greek letters.  These systems are often used by mathematicians, scientists, and college students in fraternity and sorority organizations.

This one claims to be koine but should be placed properly in this category.