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Posted: 3/15/16
Dr. Schwandt is currently on a sabbatical from offering Greek courses and reading groups. We are currently working on a way to offer the educational materials without the live component.


Links to Writings of the Church Fathers

and other works in the hellenisitic period


Church Fathers in Greek - A good resource of Greek letters in the hellenistic period.

Early Christian Resources Links - A good resource of Greek texts in the hellenistic period.

The Apostles' Creed - Side by side Latin and Greek versions of the Creed. A nice summary of some of the issues surrounding the Creed may be found here.

The Nicene Creed - Side by side 325 and Constantiople versions of the Creed.

Liturgy of Chrysostom (English) - English translation of the liturgy. Another English sites can be found here Description of Liturgy

Liturgy of Chrysostom (Greek) - Greek text of the liturgy. Audio recording of a Greek service. Also see Here is a great site on historical music.

Didache and other church fathers - This site has the Greek Unicode texts for the texts containted in the Loeb edition of Apostolic Fathers.

Ignatius Summary - This site has a good overview of Irnatius as well as a list of his writings. There is a little more information here:

Ignatius to The Trallians -Early Christian Writings - This site has one translation of this text.

Ignatius to The Polycarp - A translation of the text.

Martyrdom of Polycarp - Early Christian Writings - This site has an number of translations, original Greek, and links to additional notes.

Nunn's Exerpts - Appendix of H.P.V. Nunn, A Short Syntax of New Testament Greek (Cambridge U.P., 1913); this appendix contains Greek texts of Acts 10 and of the following extracts from early Christian Literature: selections from The Didache, I (?) Clement (to the Corinthians), Hermas, Gospel acc. to Peter, "The Christians In The World" (author unk.), Martyrdom of Ignatius, Martyrdom of Carpus, Martyrdom of Polycarp, Justin Martyr's apology, Lucian's view of Christians, and the Last Words of Socrates. The Greek texts are annotated with simple glosses and references to items in the grammar.

Didache with Reading notes - Cecelia Luschnig has posted a PDF of the Didache and her reading notes.

Select Non-Literary Papyri with Reading Notes - Cecelia Luschnig has posted a nice collection of Koine texts with reading notes to help advance one's understanding of Koine Greek

Myriobiblos Library - This has the words and lyrics to many historic works and songs.

Enjoying "The Didache" by Ed Friedlander M.D. - This site has a brief description of the Didache and additional links.

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