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Posted: 3/15/16
Dr. Schwandt is currently on a sabbatical from offering Greek courses and reading groups. We are currently working on a way to offer the educational materials without the live component.


Live Online Classes

Bring professional instruction into your home through online classes!

Benefits of online classes
Class Descriptions
Overview of the various structures

Benefits of online classes

Learning Greek online makes biblical language learning possible no matter where you live or where you go to school. These online courses may be classified as "distance education," but given the audio/visual components and personal interaction, it is nothing like a traditional distance education course.

The primary advantage to our method of providing professional instruction is the flexibility it affords to students without compromising the level of education. You can take the online course as a regular weekly meeting type of course or use a more indefinite "work at your own pace" format. In either system students have the opportunity to work with the instructor in a live setting each week. They are able to ask questions and hear other students' questions during the online meetings. They also see demonstrations as the instructor draws them on the live online whiteboard.

Greek for self learners and schools that are unable to offer Greek

Such flexibility now makes it possible for anyone to learn historical Greek. Often times classical Christian schools and colleges would like to offer Greek but simply don't have enough interested students to afford the specialized instruction. IBG combines these sets of students and will work with any institution (high school, college, or seminary) to offer a course that will satisfy their requirements. Basically, IBG enables schools to offer Greek without any overhead. Please have your school administrator contact us to work out the details.

Is it classical Greek or biblical Greek?

The distinction between classical and biblical Greek should only be an exegetical distinction and not be a pedagogical distinction. We chose a curriculum that will allow students to read the Greek NT as well as surrounding historical and classical materials. So students do not have to choose between classical and biblical Greek. In fact, it would be best if we simply distinguished ancient Greek from modern Greek. The name of this website is in order to distinguish it from modern Greek sites and to indicate that it is an ancient Greek website with a focus on the Greek New Testament.

Other questions

Please visit our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page to see answers to questions like the one above and the ones here.

Class Descriptions

All of the lectures, conversational dialogues, stories and vocabulary lists are recorded by Dr. John Schwandt. He also hosts the live Greek cohort meetings and office hours. He is the Exectutive Director of Mobile Education for Faithlife, the makers of Logos Bible Software. Prior to this he was a Senior Fellow of Classical Languages at New St. Andrews College and has taught Greek at the college level since 1997. Dr. Schwandt is the senior editor of the ESV reverse interlinear Bible and recorded the Greek New Testament for the German Bible Society (available through Logos Software). He also is the voice behind the Greek recordings in Bible Works software and Bible Soft Software. He developed Greek In A Week, which is now called New Testament Language Training. This is an intensive language learning course which he has been offering in various locations multiple times each year since 1998. Dr. Schwandt founded and served as the director of the National Biblical Greek Exam for nearly a decade. Dr. Schwandt is known as an energetic instructor whose enthusiasm for Greek is contagious.

Course Structures

IBG offers a variety of Greek course structures. The Athenaze Courses are for students who are new to Greek or would like to refresh themselves from the beginning. The GNT reading group assumes an understanding of the basics of Greek and assists those who would like guidance in reading the Greek New Testament. To encourage participation, the reading group is open for month-to-month subscriptions. Students are given assistance to read through various books of the New Testament each year (10-15 verses per week). Not only may it be used for students who have just finished learning the basics, those whose skill may be a little rusty may use this course to sharpen their skills.

Dr. Schwandt personally teaches the courses. He has years of experience teaching classes online. He has recorded his lectures with plenty of animated and graphic examples of the course material. Each week there is a live office hour available to meet with Dr. Schwandt. We use an online conference system that can work in any browser. All you need is a microphone (a web-cam is not required but is helpful.)

There is a web page dedicated to each lesson in the book with plenty of recorded helps. If you are working at a typical college pace, it should take about 32 weeks to work through all of the material for the beginning course. However, we provide many safety nets to this schedule. If you fall behind your cohort you can join the following one (without penalty). Also all of the recorded class are available to you indefinitely. Of course you can complete the course more quickly if you wish

Get started learning biblical Greek today! Email any questions you may have. For more information on specific classes see the Beginning Web Class and Intermediate Web Class.