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The Institute of Biblical Greek has offered three types of classes for learning Biblical Greek

  1. Yearlong Fluency Course
    This course works through volume I of the Athenaze curriculum and provides additional lectures to equip students to read the New Testament in Greek.
  2. New Testament Reading Group
    (open to anyone who can translate 10 verses per week)
  3. Original Language Interpretation Seminars for people that are just interested in learning how to perform a serious Bible study that gets behind translations to the original language. These seminars are offered both online and locally at various cities. You can put your city on the list.

I have a brief video on the differences in Biblical and ancient Greek pedagogy. Please take a look, and see if that helps to determine which course is the best match for your goals.

Feel free to visit our facebook page to see what current and past students have to say about the course.